Like many of you, my grandfather was very influential in my life which guided my passion for both the Houston Astros and Coins. My coin collection started with a 1979 US proof set, the year I was born. This growing collection would not only begin my interest in coins, but would create a passion for my own career where I now provide guidance for other families to build their own generational wealth in Coins and other Precious Metals.

With over 20 years experience in the industry, we created Stevens Independent Coins & Collectibles, where a passion for precious metals meets unparalleled expertise. As a distinguished dealer in the industry we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional quality and a high level of customer service. This means our customers get reliability, consistently diverse inventory, high-level customized communication with exceptional shipping standards. 

We have streamlined the best variety of bullion, rare coins and general inventory while being able to provide the best price point to clients. Our inventory reflects items that we would recommend to our family and buy ourselves. 


At SICC we are committed to providing a seamless experience for our clients. We combine our extensive knowledge with a sincere dedication to transparency, ensuring that you make informed decisions when navigating the world of precious metals. 

Whether you're an investor looking to diversify your portfolio or a collector seeking rare precious metals, SICC is your trusted partner. Explore the beauty and value of precious metals with us; where integrity and excellence converge.


  • Guidance for clients who have formerly felt misled or don’t know where to begin
  • Assist with navigating challenges faced when collecting and investing
  • A long-term strategy for client’s collections, including recommendations or evaluations for buying or consignment
  • Access to a diverse inventory and custom curated collection of rare, precious metals. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you recommend gold or silver?

We recommend both to be fully diversified. However, Gold is currently at an all time high and climbing, (as of April 24, 2024 at $2315 but refer to the market ticker on our home page). Every dollar over that continues to set another record. Silver is currently around ~ $27 and has been as high as $48.70, so in theory it can almost double. Silver would not be any higher than it’s been before.

Should I buy bullion or rare coins?

If this is your very first purchase, we recommend beginning with a mix of bullion to begin the educational process. Once there’s a general understanding of what we’re recommending and why, then we can expand from there. All of this depends on each client's goal and budget.

Do you buy coins?

We buy everything Precious Metals. At SICC, our main objective is to determine that every coin presented is an actual Precious Metal (gold, silver, platinum and palladium). From there, we look to see if there’s any value other than the intrinsic.