2023 Morgan Or Peace Dollar PCGS MS70 Ultrabreaks Pack

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ROUND 2 - OCT 6th - 2023-S Morgan & Peace PR70s !!!!


Product Overview:

Ultrabreaks are a groundbreaking concept to the world of coin collecting – the very first
'packs of coins’. Each UltraBreaks pack contains a limited edition Ultra label coin
certified by PCGS featuring one of three stunning labels. Just 300 examples of each
the 2023 Morgan Dollar and 2023 Peace Dollar have been encapsulated with limited
edition labels, which come in three levels: Ultra, Gold Rush, and Infinity. Each pack will
contain one MS70 coin, with a chance at either dollar coin in all three different labels.
Only 267 Ultra labels are assigned to each of the two coins, while just 30 each were
graded with Gold Rush labels. Merely 3 of each coin were paired with the Infinity label.