Santa Muerte 1 ozt Enamel

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Santa Muerte is a religious icon also known as "Our Lady of the Holy Death" has roots that date back to the 18th century. A global religious figure that holds many beliefs and devoted prayer groups that practice privately and publicly. This religious figure rivals that of The Virgin of Guadalupe, and is estimated to have millions of devotees. There are many devoted prayers associated with this religious icon, each signified by the color of the robe, i.e. a red robe may be a prayer for someone looking for love. Santa Muerte has been a symbol to grant favors to those devoted and their individual prayers. 

The M6 artwork for Santa Muerte was designed in-house to give hope and prayers to all precious metal collectors. The black robe with gold inlay and gold cross help signify the belief that no one collector will ever be in the red, rather their investment will keep them out of debt. The three roses represent the most precious to a collector, family, life, and their collection. The symbols (glow in the dark enamel) surrounding the skull are "LA VIDA" a.k.a. "The Life".

The enameled version is limited to 50 and each bar is serialized on the bottom edge. 

Each serialized bar will be sent in order of purchase.