2024 Cameroon 3D Waving Don't Tread on Me Flag 1 oz Silver Coin

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3D colorized waving flag - 1 oz .999 fine Silver 

Limited Mintage - 999 worldwide

Comes in display box & COA

Expected to be in-house & ready to ship Mid-November

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"The rattlesnake was a symbol of the unity of the Thirteen Colonies at the start of the Revolutionary War, and it had a long history as a political symbol in America. Benjamin Franklin used it for his Join, or Die woodcut in 1754. Gadsden intended his flag as a warning to Britain not to violate the liberties of its American subjects.

The flag has been described as the "most popular symbol of the American Revolution." Its design proclaims an assertive warning of vigilance and willingness to act in defense against coercion." (Source - Wikipedia)